"Play is the highest form of research." Albert Einstein
Infant/Toddler Class:


The Orange Room is where children from age 8 months up to around 2.4 enjoy learning through play and creative exploration.  Our daily schedule includes Free Play, Music/Dance, Morning Snack, Art, Outside or Indoor Play, Circle Time that includes Songs, Sign Language, Spanish, Second Step and Story, Lunch Time, Rest Time and Afternoon Snack.  Teachers will change diapers and also assist children that are ready to start potty training.  Children are able to explore and play in a safe and stimulating environment.  Orange Room teachers provide close supervision and a positive, nurturing approach to fully encourage each child's growth and development.  The children are able to become accustomed to a group setting, learn social skills, build self confidence and a secure sense of self while making essential human connections.     

Older Toddler Class:

Our Green Room is a wonderful, fun filled room for children to learn, make friends, and be creative! We focus on teaching children, independence, structure, and creativity. Every morning we have morning meeting which includes learning about the calendar, months, days of the week, seasons, years, and counting. We also have the friends check the weather and sing songs every morning. Most everything we do throughout the day includes some sign language, we teach how to sign the alphabet and words such as please, thank you, you’re welcome, and many more! Creativity is a big part of the Green Room, we do art projects everyday and we encourage children to draw, color, and paint whenever we can! Creating a positive environment and building the self esteem of children is very important to us and we strive to do whatever it takes to help support them. We always have a terrific time with our friends and teachers here in the Green room!

Preschool Room:


The Blue Room is where children from ages 3 to 4 years of age spend their day in a fun and stimulating atmosphere. The Blue room teachers help your children throughout the day with organized cooperative play with peers. Our room has many play areas to choose from that encourage your child to learn, share and explore their surroundings in a fun and educational way. We have an exciting daily schedule that consists of morning meeting, question of the day, snack, free play, teacher’s choice, story time, art project, nap and much more.  We have castle cubbies in our room where each child can store their personal belongings. On the other side of our castle we have a large space for active play on rainy days or just to get our wiggles out. Here at Ja’Duke we are a performing arts preschool, therefor we put a large emphasis on the arts. We enjoy weekly singing, dancing and acting classes. We also love to shake it at our daily dance parties. 

Here’s what our students have to say about their School:

“It makes me happy to play”- L

“I like to play with my friends”- C

“I like to play in the block area”- A

“I like to do acting”- W

“I like to do science”-A

“Mommy and Daddy gotta work, I want to play all day here”- S

“I like to have dance parties”-L

Pre-K Room:


A day in our yellow room consists of a balance of teacher-guided and child-directed activities. Here children will share in our play based learning approach to school readiness. Children can expect to be a part of daily art projects, singing, math problems, and story time along with free play. Children will be encouraged to problem solve along with their peers in a setting that strengthens self-esteem while building confidence. Children will be empowered to express their feelings through words with our Second Step Program and through the arts with weekly dance, singing, and acting classes. Together with you, the parent, we partner to inspire a life long commitment to learning by fostering intellectual, emotional, social, creative and physical growth.